The Brookland listserv has more news on the Cardinal’s Nest, a neighborhood club owned by ex-cop Darrell Green and the subject of this week’s Show & Tell. In the column, I quote neighbor Tim Janning, who says he’s documented numerous visits to the bar from cops who don’t appear to be on official business.

Today, neighbor Dino Drudi noted some additional police presence at the Cardinal’s Nest on the listserv:

My neighbor reports yesterday evening there were FIVE MPD sport utility vehicles parked in front of Cardinal’s Nest—all the officers from these SUVs were patrons of the Cardinal’s Nest. Having observed the first vehicle arriving at 6:30PM, he noticed another hidden from his view that must have been there prior to that time. At approximately 7:10PM three more SUVs arrived. All these SUVs … were marked SOD (Special Operations Division). He reported that these officers were in the Cardinal’s Nest for approximately 1½ hours.

Later, Drudi posted this response, from Special Operations Division Commander James O. Crane:

Greetings Mr. Drudi, you may remember me from my days at 5D as a Sgt and later Captain. I’m still a Woodridge resident. The vehicles in question are under my command and I have initiated an investigated. We share AC Groomes’ and Chief Lanier’s concerns for the appearance and image such actions give the Department.