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* Barack Obamawins the nomination. With The Anacostia Diaries Blog throwing its support his way, he just might make it!

* Hillary’s nonconsession speech has Slate‘s XX Factor seeing redheads:

Unfortunately, I kept thinking of that Gilligan’s Island episode in which Ginger acts out an excruciatingly long and melodramatic death scene. You keep thinking her every last gasp is really it. But then she keeps rolling around and twitching because she’s been peeking through her fingers all along and knows you’re still watching. 

* Local writer Holly Jones has a new Dispatch from the Anacostia, which follows the lives of volunteers in the Earth Conservation Corps. The April update follows Gemini‘s dentist drama, introduces an unwanted long-legged text-messager, and reveals a new family development: “I’ve got to move out of that house. You know I found out that woman [her housemate] isn’t even my cousin?”

* Shocker: D.C. isn’t one of the 10 greatest towns for working artists. You’re better off moving to a bunch of places I’ve never heard of. [via Daily Campello Art News]

* All Our Noise follows Dave Nada and Jesse Tittworth on tour; Tittsworth promises Jesus appearance on next album.

* Photo of a loose Georgetown puzzle by rpongsaj