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Two out of three ain’t bad, for Meatloaf or John Scheinman.

Scheinman says he’ll ride with Denis of Cork in the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, not Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Big Brown.

The Washington Post’s turf writer has done well for himself betting against prospective Triple Crown winners.

Scheinman says that in the 2004 Belmont, when Birdstone beat Smarty Jones, to that point an undefeated colt and the feel-good story of this era of racing, he cashed a Pick 4 ticket worth “about four grand.”

Barbaro’s breakdown in the 2006 Preakness gave racing a feel-bad story for the ages. Scheinman had some financial help getting over whatever wounds the episode caused him: Barbaro’s finishing out of the money meant Scheinman’s triple ticket was “worth over $3,500.”

So, while everybody else will throw money at Big Brown, Scheinman’s $2, give or take a few zeros, will be on Denis of Cork.

“You’ve got to visualize the alternative reality,” he says.

Speaking of big paydays and alternative realities, why hasn’t the Washington Post hired Scheinman, instead of paying him a freelancer’s wage while working him like a staffer, after all these years? The buyouts must have freed up a slot or two.