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As longtime readers know, the Loose Lips column has always been obsessed with candidate literature, but this campaign season, LL has seen little to truly light his passion for the subject. That is, until recently, when in LL’s found some bold, colorful, and often inscrutable items in his e-mail inbox from Ward 8 council candidate Sandra “S.S.” Seegars. LL is going to go ahead and declare these, three months ahead of the primary election, the campaign materials of the year.

Here’s a card sent out by Seegars about a week ago:

Seegars must have a lot of faith in her name-recognition efforts over the years: Her actual name, as it will appear on the ballot, appears nowhere on her materials, only her “S.S.” sobriquet. The pièce de résistance, however, accompanied this message from Seegars earlier this week:


Summer is upon us. Try to stay cool.

June 2008 calendar attached.


Ah, a handy calendar of campaign events? Nope:

Seegars did not immediately return a phone call about the symbolic meaning of the floating eye and all those feathers. Here’s a possible campaign slogan: “S.S. gives you wings!”

UPDATE, 5:46 P.M.: S.S. speaks! The design was all done by the candidate herself, and had somewhat somber roots. The angelic theme, she says, is “related to death, and we’ve lost so many people over here in Ward 8.” The theme hit home last week, she says, when a campaign volunteer was killed in a motorcycle accident.

As for the name issue, Seegars says the S.S.-only branding is by choice—-“it’s easier to remember”—-though it has backfired in the past, such as when she ran last time around. “People asked me, did you get married? I thought you were [former Ward 8 Councilmember] Sandy Allen. The candidate’s name will appear on the ballot as “Sandra ‘S.S.’ Seegars.”