1. Uncle Brutha’s Closing by Angela Valdez

2. Weekend Would-Be Jumper on the Ellington Bridge by Jule Banville

3. Washington City Paper’s Dave Jamieson Wins Livingston Award by Jason Cherkis

4. New Capitals Jersey Leak? by Matthew Borlik*

5. Culture of Fear in D.C. by Angela Valdez

6. Spike: What’s Wrong? by Jason Cherkis

7. The Takeover Continues… by Dave McKenna

8. Watch Your Stepp! by Amanda Hess

9. Ducks in Farragut North and Explanation for Same by Arin Greenwood

10. Insane Scooter Jacking Update by Angela Valdez

*Yup, it’s nearly a year old, and it placed fourth. Sigh.

Photo by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com