DCist kills us and just about everyone else with its coverage of the Great Orange Line Train Derailment of ’08 (When is a Gypsy Eyes band going to write a folk song about this Event?) It’s what blogging should be about.

Pop Cesspool says F(!) you(!) Boston and your spring-like climate!

New Columbia Heights spots this summer’s crop of interns. And they’re riding the Metro: “They’re easy to spot – blue collared shirt, khakis, confused/excited look on their faces, and always talking with their new co-interns about how many more stops they have to go.”

Apples and Bananas are anti-tomatoes right now. Boy did I look dumb last night at a Subway shop. I ordered up a veggie delight and really got stuck on the no tomatoes. I’m like: “Where are the tomatoes?” And then in my mind I’m all ranting about how the Subway—this one on MLK Ave—was inadequate because of its location, etc., racism, etc. The clerk had to tell me that in fact tomatoes are now poison, that he was saving my life by not putting three slices over my lettuce shreds. Thank you, Subway clerk. Sorry I thought the worst of you. In other veg-related news, a new vegetarian spot is set to land at 14th and Q Streets NW.

Metrocurean reports that some local big names won a few James Beard awards.

Intangible Arts goes hyper-local to cover WASA!

Your morning wake-up song: “Gonna Take A Miracle” by Alton Ellis. (Thank you Soul Summer).

*Photo of my brother and his wife. They leave for Honduras this Sunday. They will be gone most of the summer. I will miss them.