No bids came in for the apparently one-off cassette of Eva Cassidy live at Fleetwood’s, which was up for sale on eBay UK last week for $491,249.

But seller Niki Lee, who says she found the tape in the garage of her Catonsville home several years ago, has put it back on the market. Cassidy, a local songbird whose career never transcended the Beltway while she was alive, died quietly in 1996, years before she became a platinum-selling superstar and phenomenon in England. This recording comes from the early ’90s, says Lee.

For this sale, Lee has cut the asking price by an awful lot. In last week’s auction, there was a Buy It Now! price of 100,000 British pounds.

Now, there’s no reserve.

In the new sales pitch, Lee explains the markdown: 

“i’ve been getting a lot of mail from fans who were sad they couldn’t bid on the recording because the initial listing was so expensive — so i’ve changed it: now there’s no reserve — now the bidding is open to everyone — let’s see how much we can raise in the name of eva…”

Lee left some very angry phone messages after last week’s City Desk posting about the sale. Apparently she doesn’t like her bootleg recording being referred to as a bootleg recording.

This round of bidding ends June 15. As of Tuesday at 12:30 EST, the tape had garnered nine bids, topping out at 21 pounds.