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*From the Washington Times: New Vineyard Will Be Maryland’s Largest

* From the Root: Young, Black and in Decline in the Obama Age? Teaser: “In the face of a changing national racial environment and on the heels of two presidential cycles, affected by mass voter disenfranchisement, there has been a considerable decline in the value of this demographic’s voting importance to the broader electorate.”

*Proving once again that you can always count on a couple wise, dispirited old people for quotes, Courtland Milloy writes about the contrast of urban violence and Obama’s success in his column this week. From the Washington Post: Shining a Harsh Light on Trinidad Neighborhood.

*From Esquire: 2008 Father’s Day Gift Guide. Yup, the big day is Sunday.

*Gasp! All these years we’ve been tragically misled. We don’t need eight hours of sleep after all.