LL has been scrutinizing the campaign-finance statement of surprisingly well-financed GOP at-large challenger Patrick Mara. Some more details:

  • At least $20,500 of his $50,125 comes from parking companies and related companies and employees—-Landmark Parking, Monument Parking, Doggett Enterprises Inc., MarcParc, Altman Parking, Atlantic Parking, PMI. In other words, Mara’s caught the eye of Bud Doggett, the guy who has wrangled together the parking community politically for years.
  • Mara collected $6,000 from the Miller & Long construction company and the MC Dean electrical contractor and their employees, including $1,000 from Citizens for Empowerment, a political action committee funded largely by the two firms that has in the past been devoted to anti-union causes.
  • As far as donations from non-corporate District residents, Mara collected a mere $6,825—-assisted in no small part by donations from Federal City Council chair Terry Golden and his wife, Kathleen. (If you give him the benefit of the doubt on some of the entries with incomplete info, that rises to $8,850.) In other words, he may have cash, but not a lot of votes. This is somewhat unsurprising considering his virtually non-existent name recognition.