* The checkpoint continues, says the Examiner: Lanier has extended the Trinidad checkpoint from Wednesday to Sunday.

* Oooooh, buuuusted: textbooks at a private school in Fairfax County operated by the Saudi government have been found to “contain material promoting violence and intolerance.” When the books were made available to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom for inspection, “there were indications of revisions—cutting and pasting of passages, and words whited out,” but some questionable passages remained, the commission said:

Particularly alarming passages were discovered in a 12th-grade Tafsir (Koranic interpretation) textbook and a 12th-grade Tawhid (monotheism) textbook, both of which clearly exhort the reader to violence, the commission said … Several passages in other textbooks promote intolerance toward members of the Ahmadi, Baha’i and Jewish faiths, as well as Shi’a Islam, according to the commission. [the Examiner]

* Prince of Petworth continues its series of interviews with area home renovators. This interview, with Stacey and Dan, is conducted by e-mail “due to scheduling conflicts (I kept getting too drunk and sleeping too late over the weekends),”writes the Prince. Photo extra: Big pile of rocks!

* McSweeney’s contributer Ken Saji imagines If A Unicorn Were On the National Security Council:

The unicorn presents a briefing memo written in watercolored rebuses. It’s 630 pages long. The unicorn states that it’s no small feat writing out “operational malfeasance” in pictures, and the president says, “Well, ain’t that the truth.”

* The Washington Post said “nipples.”

Photo of the scene outside hillary Clinton’s concession speech by adamsofen