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It looks like the Washington Post/Redskins feud could be impacting the copy at the sports page.

The last two Skins features by beat reporter Jason La Canfora, against whom the Redskins have mounted a juvenile PR campaign, have been incredibly kind to the organization. The stories have heaped attention on new personnel guy Morocco Brown‘s great fabulous attitude and Clinton Portis’ new great fabulous attitude.

The only hint of negativity in the pieces, and clearly the stick-out line in each, comes when La Canfora makes sure readers know Vinny Cerrato, the team’s GM-on-steroids, has put him on his ignore list: “Cerrato, who declined requests to comment for this story…” and “Cerrato, who declined to comment for this story…” respectively.

The disclosures read less like a reporter’s due diligence than an announcement: “Hey, everybody! Vinny won’t talk to me even when I’m blowing him kisses!”

And now I can’t wait to read La Canfora’s next feature…