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Campaign finance reports were due Tuesday. LL’s spent the last couple of day poring over them to give City Desk readers the inside dirt. This round: at-large council races.

  • Kwame Brown: The Kwame money train has slowed just a bit, with only $55,480 added to the war chest this period. Take that, though, as testament to Brown’s early success at shaking the money tree, what with a total of $408,000 raised total. The pull this period is still heavy on construction and development interests, but there’s a fair number of smaller Joe Q. Citizen donations, too. Kwame also been the spendiest candidate in town, spending nearly twice his revenues for the period. The bulk of that—-more than $70,000—-went to campaign aides. (See Nikita Stewart‘s Post story for more on Papajohnsgate.) And then there’s this “consulting” fee: $125 to Capitol Hill Cleaning Service. Care to share any cleaning tips you learned, Kwame?

    The Totals: In: $55,480; Out: $104,012.74; Cash on Hand: $133,812.49; Debts: $0

  • Adam Clampitt: Clampitt, who had raised a lot of cash from Fenty supporters in previous month, seems to slowed, with only $11,560 pulled in this period bringing the total haul to just over $60,000. Splashy names are getting few, with philathropist Calvin Cafritz really the only show-stopper. (There’s also a $150 from the “Friends of Jack” PAC.) The interesting part is all the spending Clampitt’s done—-on rent, renovating office space, consultant wages, printing, software, etc. His accounts payable at the moment total over $12,000, putting his campaign well into the red.

    The Totals: In: $11,560; Out: $22,091.86; Cash on Hand: $1,372.17; Debts: $12,239.90

  • Michael A. Brown: These numbers aren’t bad, save for this fact: $21,300 of those revenues are coming out of lobbyist Brown’s own pocket. The rest is a sprinkling of D.C. folks and a rather large number of donations out of Florida and Georgia (on dates which correspond to plane tickets and a hotel stay in St. Augustine). As far as spending goes, Brown’s dished out $5,000 on campaign materials, plus $15,000 to four paid campaign aides.

    The Totals: In: $36,659.33; Out: $23,136.33; Cash on Hand: $13,523; Debts: $831.50

  • PaulDavid Schwartzman: The Statehood Green candidate seems to be going with a minimalist campaign, with five donations totaling $450 (of that, $100 is from the candidate himself). He has spent none of it.

    The Totals: In: $450; Out: $0; Cash on Hand: $450; Debts: $0

  • Did Not Report: Carol Schwartz, Dee Hunter, Clarence Cherry—-Schwartz just announced her campaign kickoff earlier this week, and Cherry, who has picked up petitions to challenge Brown, is an unknown. The mystifying thing here is Hunter, who has yet to file a campaign finance report even though he’s been raising money for months. No January or March reports have been filed either; shortly after the January deadline, Hunter told LL he had raised about $30,000 and had filed for a 15-day extension. Fifteen days later—-make that 130 days later—-and still no report. Hunter undoubtedly has something to report: On April 14, Hunter held a fundraiser at the Park at 14th.

UPDATE, 6:54 P.M: LL was wrong to report that Hunter has not filed a campaign finance report; Hunter calls to say he’s been filing monthly reports as an exploratory committee, compiling receipts in excess of $40,000. Exploratory reports are not available online and LL was not able to obtain them before close of business today. He will follow up on Monday. LL apologizes for the error.