Well, allow LL to be the first to suggest it: If a recreational trail is ever built in Klingle Valley, it might be appropriate to name it in the memory of Tim Russert.

Russert lived in Woodley Park near the western end of the closed portion of Klingle Road NW. In the mid-’90s, he was perhaps the most famous advocate of closing the road to traffic for once and for all. He was a founding member of the Klingle Valley Park Association and helped organize cleanups of the decrepit road. For the pro-road crowd, he was a convenient figurehead for the perceived moneyed, elite, west-of-the-park interests on the other side.

Russert moved from Woodley Park to Spring Valley several years ago. Of course, only a few weeks before his death did it seem that his wish to see Klingle Road permanently closed might come true.

UPDATE, 6:35 P.M.: LL called the Sierra Club’s Jim Dougherty, a longtime anti-road activist. He says naming a trail after Russert would be a fine idea. He also points out LL wasn’t the only one to have the thought: Shortly after the death was announced, similar suggestions hit the Klingle Valley listserv.