Gavin Holland, Nacey, and SteveLove
Gavin Holland, Nacey, and SteveLove

This month, D.C.’s Best Dance Night (as decreed by yours truly) will move from its station at DC9 to the bigger, badder Club 5. That means that Nouveau Riche—-with DJs Gavin Holland, SteveLove, and Nacey—-will now span three floors, and last from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Eight hours: Some might call that a “work day.” Gavin Holland was nice enough to field five questions about the nouveau Nouveau Riche, which debuts at Club Five on Saturday, June 28th.

CP: What have you guys got planned for those extra two hours?

GH: Well, to the public, it will appear that our friend Spiggy from Sleaze will be rocking the mainstage during that time. But secretly, I will be holding an introductory aerobics class on the main floor, while Steve and Nacey will be heading up a personal finance seminar in the bottle service area. Plus we expect all of our DJ friends to come by for the after-hours fun (or else!), and we hear that certain rockstars who shall remain anonymous may be heading to Five as well…

CP: Given the bigger space, does this mean that Nouveau Riche will be less sweaty?

GH: No. Well, yes and no. It should be back to “sweat-optional.” Our parties got to a point where one had to abandon all hopes of getting anything but soaked, possibly in other people’s sweat. Hopefully now that getting drenched is an option, not a necessity, guys and girls will get back to wearing clothes made of the finest silks to Nouveau Riche. Though, for the record, I really think bathing suits are “in” for all Nouveau Riche parties through September.

CP: I see you are sponsored by a “Red Bull.” Does that mean that attendees will be sippin’ on RBV’s instead of Sparks?

GH: To be determined! I definitely want to keep doing the trademark free Sparks at the beginning of the night. I was just so busy booking our Australian friends Miami Horror and Gameboy/Gamegirl that drink specials had not yet entered my mind. Don’t worry, we’ll have something cheap and caffeinated for you.

CP: Who should replace Tim Russert on Meet the Press?

GH: The man can’t be replaced. However, it would be cool if they made a new show sort of like “American Bandstand” or “Soul Train” with a house band consisting entirely of failed Republican 2008 presidential hopefuls, hosted by John Ashcroft (I miss him!).

CP: I can’t get in for free anymore.

GH: False. Again with the bathing suits … If I see an Amanda Hess in a bikini top, I see an Amanda Hess not having to pay a cover.

Photo of Holland, Nacey, and SteveLove by Darrow Montgomery.