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That they adored Miley Cyrus. Take Exhibit A: a poem by a Merritt Middle School (now-closed) student discovered last Friday. It will soon be entered into the bowels of the Sumner School Museum and Archives.

I Love Hannah Montana

I love Hannah Montana My favorite episode features her And her brother Jacksanna You get the best of both worlds Because Miley Cyrus get the life of two girls

With Miley around everything’s so silly Especially when she’s with her best friend Lily When she’s on the road It’s all singing and dancing And when she’s in the house, She’s smiling and prancing

Hannah Montana is so neat And the love of her dad is so sweet If I was her I would be so smart But discovering my talent would be the start

I love Hannah Montana so much That’s why I watch her show And listen to her songs on the radio My favorite one is GNO She’s so cool and she’s so funny And she’s only 15, honey.

When she took her shirt off, that wasn’t cool For a week there Miley, you looked like a fool. But then, everyone just started blaming Annie Leibovitz Hey, at least she didn’t make you expose your…*

*Okay, I wrote the last paragraph.