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Voting has slowed to almost nothingness in two Dan Snyder popularity polls, so City Desk is ready to declare that Snyder is beloved. And hated.

On the message board Snyder owns,extremeskins.commembers were asked to approve or disapprove of his “handling of the Redskins over the past few months.”

The balloting was made public, so everybody could see who voted yay or nay. Since Snyder’s moderators have a habit of berating his critics, or worse, that surely skewed voting.

Even so, and forgetting the home field advantage and the bogusly limited scope of the polling question — what can an owner do in May and June? — Snyder did very well: As of this morning, he was getting an 85 percent favorable rating from extremeskins.com. 

Snyder hasn’t fared so great outside his house. Sports blogging icon and my regular Friday morning date Dan Steinberg also ran a Snyder poll on his DC Sports Bog

There, the vote was private, and voters were asked simply to “Approve” or “Disapprove” of Snyder.

At last check, Bad Snyder was pounding Good Snyder 57-42.

It could have been worse. Snyder was really getting crushed early in the Post’s polling. But a windfall of positivity came into the Bog after Art Mills, the enforcer/propagandist at extremeskins.com, started a thread on Snyder’s site directing members to go vote.

Last time we talked, Mills, who is equal parts writing talent and full-of-crapness, told me he was paid by the team to write. Yet, far as I can tell, he won’t divulge being on the Redskins payroll to his flock at extremeskins.com.

Just tell ’em, Art.