1. Is It Possible to Get Pregnant From a Towel? by Arin Greenwood

2. City Paper Hotel, Drawings Circulating by Ruth Samuelson

3. Campaign Finance Shocker! Schwartz GOP Foe Raises $50K in Two Week by Mike DeBonis

4. Jersey Girl Dodges Date Rape by Angela Valdez

5. The Tim Russert Memorial Klingle Valley Recreational Trail? by Mike DeBonis

6. Waiting Until The Third Date by Arin Greenwood

7. My Fave Part of the R.E.M. Show Last Night by Andrew Beaujon (Black Plastic Bag)

8. Metro Does It Again by William Philpot IV

9. Scenes from Trinidad Checkpoint – Lawsuit Approaching? by Angela Valdez

10. July 26-27: A DMV Hip-Hop Winning Weekend by PJ Urquilla (Black Plastic Bag)

Photo by gregor_y