* The Post catches up with some Viking enthusiasts with a pretty serious RPG. Just don’t dish out pirate slang: “‘Wrong fantasy,’ muttered Viking enthusiast David Tristan” when confronted with an “Avast, ye matey,” the Post reports.

* Prince of Petworth stumbles upon a mailbox that doth protest too much.

* Mr. T in D.C. gets spied on at the gym: “Normally, I’m a strong supporter of photographer’s rights, in our post-9/11 security paranoia. On the other hand, I don’t want any photos of myself posted on upshortsflabbywhiteguyspumpingriron.com .”

* Upset the Setup has a new catchphrase for the Obama campaign, after campaign volunteers at a Detroit rally told two Muslim women not so sit behind the podium to reduce their visibility in photographs and on television: “That’s not change—-that’s brand management.”

* m4intern finds possibly the douchiest craigslist missed connections ever:

You: You’re back. You Georgia Belles, you Texas cowgirls, Midwest farmer’s daughters, California girls, spunky New York girls. You’re all back. Back to rescue me from the dark, bleak winter months. After 9 hours at my desk, I walk out and there you all are. Walking around the Hill in your skirts and flip flops. At bars, tossing your hair and smiling at me from across the room.

Me: I’m that 20-something hill staffer. I have waited for this day for nine months. And now, you are back, Beautiful, you are back.

Photo by NCinDC.