You may remember ANC Commissioner Frank Winstead from his chillingly subtitled youtube video “Ping Pong in Public Space” or his chillingly subtitled youtube video “When UPS Delivers in D.C., Life Suffers.”

Last Tuesday, Winstead staged a live performance at the packed-full ANC meeting held to reassess Comet Ping Pong‘s voluntary agreement with the commission. (Marc Fisher, hot on the Winstead beat, has his roundup here. DCist, too). During the course of the meeting, Winstead accused Comet owner James Alefantis of lying, cheating, stealing, spitting in a customers food, and encouraging both murderers and rapists.

“He said rape,” confirms fellow ANC3F commissioner Mital Gandhi. “R-A-P-E. Rape.”

Says Alefantis, “Frank Winstead was completely and totally unprofessional, incredibly rude, and a little wacky. He was yelling and screaming and wagging his finger at everyone.”

But don’t take their word for it: We’ve plucked the highlights of the recording, after the jump!*

* Not caught on tape: “At one point, he mouthed ‘fuck you’ to me,” says Alefantis.

Winstead: James is trying to turn this into Adams Morgan with the murders, the rapes … [Extended booing, punctuated laugher] … the lying, the cheating!

Commission chairperson Jane Solomon: Hold on, alright, wait wait wait wait wait, wait, let me have quiet here!


Winstead: Have you ever spit in a customer’s food?

Solomon: Wait Frank, come on, come on. Come on! Alright please, please, everyone quiet. [Shushing] Quiet, Frank, that’s not helpful, let’s please, James is speaking.

Winstead: He breaks the law

Solomon: We are not law enf—-

Winstead: [Unintelligible] … he’s filling up his fat wallet …

Solomon: Alright Frank, you’re out of order, please. [Calls from crowd for Winstead to recuse himself] That’s not helpful here.

Winstead: Lying, cheating, stealing!

Photos by enviziondotnet