We’ve been getting some incredible reactions to our long-awaited Hoods & Services issue.  The highlight so far: a certain Anonymous (A. Payton) posted the following (and so much more!) below Cherkis’s profile of the Dissed-Trict:

I enjoyed your June 20th series of articles on DC neghborhoods…..and I HATED IT!!!

To be fair, the series was educational and humorous. But I do wonder if the City Paper is consciously working to assist the careless real estate and population upheavals in DC. No I’m not talking conspiracies. Just a quiet, journalist stirring of the hornets nest .

You know this issue will become the Cliff Notes/cheat sheet for whites and newcomers looking to bone up on the territories they plan to envade and conquer. With this (and Google) they can pretend to be knowledable about these areas.

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