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Based on the Washington Post, here are the facts of a very interesting accident:

*A Maryland State Trooper, James Davis, is checking for speeders on a strip of I-95 near Laurel.

*Some motorcyclists pass by at speeds of around 100 mph.

*Davis pulls out and turns on his lights.

*Sixteen miles later, on an on-ramp, two brothers, Suky Shamin Heureaux and Suky Shamin Heureaux, die in nearly simultaneous crashes on a Baltimore exit ramp.

*A twist: It turns out that one of the bikes that the brothers had acquired had been reported stolen—a circumstance that could have motivated the brothers to flee from the police.

The father of the brothers, Maximo Heureaux, is irate. From the Post story:

“They tell me they were racing, that’s all they tell me,” Maximo Heureaux, 45, who shared his home in Landover with his sons, said of his limited contact with investigators. “I don’t believe the police; nobody here believes the police. We all need to know what really happened.”

I guess the question here is whether Davis chased the motorcyclists, which is a controversial practice in law-enforcement circles. The state police declined to release a copy of the pursuit policy to the Post. So take your pick:

A) This is clearly a case in which a police chase caused deaths. The state should apologize and pay.

B) This is clearly a case in which two people were recklessly driving dangerous vehicles. It’s their fault.

C) This is a murky case.