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Well, summer is upon us, and so is seasonal journalism at its best and worst. In recent days, the Washington Post has done a raft of these old standbys, including the one about the guy who built his own baseball stadium, the one about the lifeguards from ex-Soviet republics (rip-off of this story?), and the one about the last day of school.

So that’s what the Post has been up to. Over at the Washington Times, those folks don’t have the resources to cover the seasons quite as exhaustively. So they do other things, like this piece on the EU from the AP. I must confess to great troubles making my way through stories on the EU, but this one is different; it’s about the EU’s action freezing the assets of Iran’s biggest bank. This could signal a critical turning point in the EU’s relations with this rogue state and send ripples throughout the Western alliance, such as it is. Or perhaps it’s just another act of bureaucracy—only time will tell.

But one thing about the Washington Times‘ presentation of that EU story: Has anyone out there mentioned or pointed out that this great new site is a bit too much? I mean, check it out. It’s too much black space, with altogether too many bells and whistles attached. If you’ll recall, this is the site built by the great Interneterian Roger Black. Credit WaTi with signing up the best in the biz, but in this case the best in the biz may have gone just a bit too designy on us. Check it out for yourself.