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Bad editors and bad college professors always repeat some form of the adage “There’s no such thing as good writing — there is only good rewriting.”

But the ridiculousness of that line or lines was proven over the weekend, right here in the comments section of this very blog. A small item I’d written about Dan Snyder’s approval rating inspired this response:

  1. The Mayor of Fed Ex Field Says:
    Jun. 20, 2008, at 10:31 pm Dave:I just googled your name, and at first glance, thought you were some famous jazz musician from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. I was wrong. You’re just a no talent douchebag, writing for some primitive,low traffic news site. Washington City Paper? My MySpace account gets more hits that this piece of shit.3 facts I would like to point out.#1 You have proven time after time,you are anti Dan Snyder/Washington Redskins. We get the fucking point.#2 It’s not just Redskin fans that think you are a douchebag, it’s everybody. Your non talent isnt exposed by just your sports columns, it is exposed in every aspect of your writing.http://lonewacko.com/blog/archives/007719.html
    #3 You wish you were Dan Snyder, you wish you were Dan Steinberg, and you fucking know you wish you were Art Mills.

    See. Nobody likes you. You probably are single, drive a Prius, and watch transsexual porn on your company laptop.

    Do everyone a favor, pack your shit, and get the fuck out of here bitch.

    Damn. I think Dan Snyder beat you up in middle school.


    The Mayor of Fed Ex Field

    PS: You call 57% to 42% a pounding?

    PSS: We Redskin fans would do an approval poll on you, but its already a proven fact.

    You approve pole.

Though I guess it’s possible the Mayor ran his piece by the First Lady of Fed Ex Field before posting it.

In any case, god bless the Internet.