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Bloomingdale reports that the LeDroit Park gate was destroyed by a reckless driver this past Saturday:

“A deranged driver destroyed the new LeDroit Park Iron Gate at the corners of Florida Avenue and 6th & T Streets NW. The Civic Association is working with the city & DDOT to have the repairs made as soon as possible.

At this time, we are asking the community to assist us in locating the iron pieces that have already been removed from the site.

The missing parts include the ‘LeDroit Park’ name, date & scrollwork. Please help us in this search (no questions asked).”

Penn Quarter Living continues its coverage of DDOT moving a loading zone for the cheapo Chinatown buses. The buses are now supposed to load up near L’Enfant Plaza after people complained about the buses’ excessive idling: “So, now DDOT has provided a solution by forcing buses to L’Enfant or else face a $1500 fine. We’re already hearing rumblings about the location of the loading zone far away from where any residents live. But, we don’t know if any particular block in this city was jumping up and down to be designated as a bus depot. Sound off!”

Apples and Bananas reports that a “revised” Dragonfly is set to re-open soon.

Mr. T in DC attends stitch-and-pitch night at Nationals Park last weekend. This theme night is an actual theme night. Mr. T’s verdict: “The seats were quite comfortable, and my back pain didn’t act up the whole time I was there, which is a very good thing. The amount of lumbar support in the seatbacks must have been just right.” Glad to hear it!

The District Domestic sings the praises of “tubtrugs”—giant brightly colored flexible plastic “buckets” that are great for hauling small plants and soil.

Brightest Young Things has some super good pictures from last week’s Orchestra Baobab show.

New Columbia Heights discovered a crowd of religious folk congregating at the metro. They didn’t just clog the sidewalk (that’s loitering!). They sang, clapped hands and passed out cards. Where are the noise police?

The Department of Parks and Recreation is still hoping your kids will sign up for its summer camps.

Your morning wake-up song: “Toomus Meremereh Nor Good” by S.E. Rogers (thank you For the Turnstiles).

*photo courtesy of guy_incognito from our Flickr page.