Dan Snyder‘s pauperized theme park chain, Six Flags, announced yesterday that Robbie Knievel will jump a lot of cars on a motorcycle at Six Flags- St. Louis next week.

Robbie, 46, is the offspring of Evel Knievel, the dead jumpsuit wearing loon who broke pretty much every bone in his body twice or so on live TV as America watched during the 1970s. The younger Knievel started his own career in motorcycle jumping at 7. At Six Flags, he will attempt to leap over 25 Dodges, which is being billed as a personal record.

So he knows thrillseeking. But when asked if he would use any money made from his Six Flags jump to invest in Snyder’s company, Knievel, who once jumped the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle, turned ashen and started sweating and peed himself while yelling “Six Flags stock? Are you crazy? That risky!”*

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*Question and answer and entire scenario, including the pee pee part, totally made up for chuckles. But Knievel really is jumping at Six Flags next week.