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DCist’s Photo of the Day today is an ultrasound of poster Chris Klimek‘s friend’s triple fetuses in her double uteri. You have been warned.

Writes Klimek: “Sorry, Flickr users, today’s Photo of the Day comes from a local whose achievement in the field of biological, if not photographic, excellence dusts all y’all suckers.”

Hey, I’m not a Flickr user, but could I have an apology, too? I could argue as to why your friend’s three pre-babies don’t qualify as an “achievement in biological excellence” (whatever that means), but I’m too busy praying to God that He never bless me with what you refer to as the “miracle of creation.”

I don’t want to see one fetus in one uterus. By my calculations, seeing your friend’s three fetuses in her two uteri is between five and six times as unsettling. Next time, please stick to things that can survive outside the womb.