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Congress Heights On The Rise recently attends East of the River development meeting and comes back with rave reviews: “Perhaps I am biased (this was the first community meeting I attended) but it definitely wont be my last. This meeting set my expectations for community/non profit meetings going forward. Overall, the board members were friendly, insightful and patient in explaining things to a newbie such as myself. They were welcoming and very inviting. In their words “‘no one from the community has ever come in to observe the meeting although it is a public meeting.'” Citizen journalism on the rise!

The Heights Life finds the next underground hotspot: “Leaving the Wonderland early Sunday morning, your bloggers came across a site that I exclaimed as “fantastic” about 50 times in a row. The vacant building next to the Wonderland on 11th Street was transformed into Bloombar, which its website describes as ‘Spontaneous, underground music, art and inspiration.’ The small gallery and performance space is a great fit for the 11th Street corridor, and I can’t wait to see what it becomes.” PoP has an in-depth post on Bloombar as well.

Bloomingdale got stood-up by a cab. A bad night turns into a rant.

BaancBlog reports on the sale of 1212 9th Street: “Hanny Chan, of Old Dominion Brewery, has purchased the 1212 Ninth Street lot from Selp Help, who got it from Walnut Street Development, who got it from Phillip Abraham, who had it for a very long time.”

14th & You wonders Where do you get your drink on? They write:

Bar Pilar has practically no outdoor seating, and Saint Ex restricts theirs to dinner patrons only. Cork was packed, as per usual, and we weren’t really feeling the “wine bar” vibe anyway.

So, we hoof it over to 17th/18th street, only to find every place either packed or restricting outdoor seating to dinner guests. We ended up having dinner and a couple of drinks at the Straits of Malaya on 18th street (good food, loathesome service, but that’s another post for another time…)

We didn’t head up to U St., because the narrowness of the street tends to preclude much outdoor seating…but there may be a place or two that we’re simply not aware of.”

The District Domestic offers this tip of the day: Rosemary can be used as a medicine.

Your morning wake-up song: “Lagos City” by Asiko Rock Group (thank you Soul Sides).

Must Read.

*photo by rockcreek as found on WCP’s neighborhood Flickr pool.