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*What do you say when a bunch of angry ex-convicts ask you why they don’t have jobs? Why blame DCPS, of course! A group of protesters demanded that more work opportunities be created for people released from prison. That ain’t easy, said D.C. Chamber of Commerce President Barbara Lang: “The school system has failed them. You have to have a certain level of education.” Read the story in the Washington Post.

*Slate.com has created a “Choose Your Own Running Mate” feature. Answer a few quick questions and watch the list be narrowed down.

*Gaudencio Fernandez erected an unusual sign on his property decrying inhumane policies toward illegal immigrants: “We demand equality and justice for all,” Fernandez’s broadside concludes. “We will not be your slaves of the 21st century.” What do you know? Some people would like to see the sign taken down, according to the Washington Post.

*What do beets, canned pumpkin, and sardines have in common? They are some of “The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating” according to the New York Times. Oh and cinnamon is also on the list, which apparently got one commenter a bit worked up: “If cinnamon was that great then Americans would be the healthiest nation on earth. Never have I seen so much overuse of cinnamon in any country before. Its in the toothpaste, the breathmints, the coffee, the desserts, the cereal, the bread, its in EVERYTHING!”

*And in case you were still pondering where to go on July 4, here’s a reminder of where to catch the best views of the fireworks.