Ever pass some new sleek club or divey pub and wonder what beers lie inside? As new bars pop up around the city, it can be hard to stay up on beer selection. So in keeping with my reputation as an enabler, here’s a few of the interweb’s finest sites to help you strike liquid gold.

Ratebeer and Beer Advocate are your best bets on finding the good  stuff. Their directory sections (called “Places” and “Beerfly,” respectively) both offer extensive reviews of bars and stores, and Ratebeer even has a neat Google Map mashup. What puts these sites at the top of the list is their community — the thorough reviewers can get down and nerdy, but these enthusiasts tend to offer the best tips on the web.

We realize it’s not all about quality, though. Save your booze dollars (or just stretch them further) with happy-hour finders like Bar DC and DC Happy Hours. There’s a panoply of these sites online, but these two have some of the more comprehensive listings. We also give kudos to the younger DrinkGuru. It seem to be still building its database, but it sports the cleanest, most navigable design of the bunch.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on Unthirsty and MappyHour. Both seem to be in beta mode, but also feature Google Maps interfaces.

We want it now: Beer Menus is the site we crave more than anything — a beautiful, simple directory of beer menus and prices all around the city. The problem? That city is New York. Damn yankees.

(Thanks in part to Webware)

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