Brian Beutler, a liberal blogger and CP alum, was shot early this morning near 17th and Euclid Streets. Beutler had left the Black Cat and was walking toward Adams Morgan when the attack occurred. According to Talking Points Memo, a man confronted Beutler and his friend and demanded their cell phones. It’s unclear how everything unfolded, but Beutler was shot three times, twice in the shoulder and once in the spleen, according to TPM. I just spoke with police, who got the call just before 2 a.m. Beutler was conscious and breathing when they found him.  They searched the area for a juvenile suspect but no arrest has been made.

Beutler has gone through surgery and is expected to recover fully. His family is with him at the hospital.

Brian’s a smart, funny guy. Our best wishes go out to him.