* Local writer Holly Jones has another Dispatch from the Anacostia, a McSweeney‘s column following youth from the Earth Conservation Corps—-this time with an appearance by the Columbia Heights Target.

* Prince of Petworth dishes out the July 4th firework advice. (Ugh).

* Reliable Source continues its mission to unmask D.C. art rogue “The Collector.”

* Daily Campello Art News offers up a poll: Choose whether “We Should Have a National Museum Just for Latinos” or if “We Should Have More Latinos In Our Museums.” So far, the second choice has 100% of the vote. At Morning Roundup time, only two votes were in; hat means Campello‘s got at least one voter in his camp. Or he refreshed the page.

* In Shaw points us to a new blog,Bohemian Yankee in the Capital: Salty dog author talks history, sports, queer imagery and urban development. Writes IS: “It’s still new so he’s feeling his way around. Jimbo and I have been helping him grasp the concept and purpose of blogging, so when you visit be nice.” IS also drops that the Yankee started the blog in order to promote two books he’s got coming out. Sounds like he’s got the hang of it already.

* Brightest Young Things watches Raquel Welch dance. Badly.

* Slate has got your patriotism blah blah blah blah.

Photo by NCinDC.