This past Thursday, to prodigious applause and a minimal throwing of old fruit, the City Paper launched its 2008 Fringe & Purge blog.

Ever since, we’ve been positively inundated with questions, compliments, and offers of a decidedly salacious nature. Rather than responding individually, I’ve decided to offer some answers right here, for all to see.

After the jump:

Is Fringe & Purge my go-to place for the inside scoop, the low-down, and/or the nitty-gritty on this year’s Fringe Festival?

Yes. Yes it is.

Will Trey Graham and Glen Weldon, perennial Fringe & Purge all-stars, be back and better than ever?

Yes. Yes they will.

Will there be totally awesome videos, photographs, reviews, commentary, and more?

Why yes, now that you mention it.

Is it true that Brian Reed blew off a date with Miss America 2006 to attend the final Fringe Happy Hour?

Brian, I’m not going to dignify your feeble ploy by responding to this or any subsequent red herrings.

Enough of this pitter-patter; watch the sneak previews below:


Trouble viewing? Try the YouTube version of this video.