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Metrocurean previews tonight’s big Food Network event for District foodies: Chef Teddy Folkman of Granville Moore’s does serious battle on Throwdown! With Bobby Flay. Flay is kind of a douche—-take away his hot peppers and he’s nothing!

Apples and Bananas links to a story about how tofu may cause memory loss late in life. No!

Pop Cesspool discovers that rapper Bushwick Bill has found religion. The Cesspool is awestruck: “Sixteen years later, I still get mileage out of the Bushwick Bill quote, “Why you shot me in the eye? I woulda shot you in the body!” (“Ever So Clear,” 1992.) Such sweet paradox, on so many ridiculous levels. That said, I can’t even imagine what verbiage might be available on his new Jesus piece.” In a kinda related note, Upset the Setup revisits some classic Company Flow.

14th & You notes that the “summer mugging season” has begun. Despite recent events, your chances of getting mugged are still pretty low. More likely: Perps stealing your car. That’s at least in Logan Circle. Now, Adams Morgan is another story.

Congress Heights On the Rise questions what the hell ANC 8C is doing paying more than $10,000 per year in rent (and reports no other expenses). Blogger speculates that the ANC office space also serves as a barber shop. Photos do reveal a possible barber-shop/ANC joint operation.

Your morning wake-up song: “In Ear Park” by Department of Eagles.

*photo by His and Hers Parigi and found on our neighborhood Flickr page.