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About a week or so back Fox News’ Laura Ingraham visited Tryst in Adams Morgan to figure out what all those crazy people are doing in coffee shops with their newfangled laptops and their Twitterbook and whatnot. “Typing,” I would’ve said if they’d asked me, but Ingraham’s answer is closer to something like, “Spitting on the social contract by failing to hit on the people next to you.” (I had lots of brilliant points to make about how not all third places are created equal, and that third places don’t play the same role that they did in Fox News’ favorite decade, the 1850s, but screw it—-I’m on deadline.)

Anyway, one of the people who Ingraham buttonholed is a City Paper contributor, Cherie Parker; “I hate Fox News,” she tells Ingraham in the clip. Understandably, Ingraham dismisses this as failing to be the genuine, neighborly exchange of ideas she was hoping for. Parker has copped to her crankiness, and confesses the deep secret of what she was doing when the news crew arrived: Blogging and surfing Craigslist. Surprise!