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Howard Kurtz and the Huffington Post can’t get enough of Lara Logan, which we ranted on here last week. HuffPo has co-opted Kurtz’s scoop from today that Logan is pregnant and splashed it at the top of the site with the heading, “Bombshell From Baghdad.” At least Kurtz vaguely redeemed is earlier, critique-free regurgitation of the gossip about Logan. He talked to her and got the real story: she dated two different men, not at the same time, and plans to marry one of them. What a tart! Kurtz can’t help but say that some people may still “accuse her of tawdry conduct.” And although he says the media coverage was painful for Logan, he doesn’t go so far as to say that all the attention, including his own, was sexist or degrading. He just chalks it up to Logan’s fame. Despite this equivocation from Rachel Sklar, the HuffPo just keeps the story rolling.