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Washington Post Executive Editor-in-Waiting Marcus Brauchli today addressed his new colleagues for the first time. In a set of prepared remarks that spanned just a few minutes, Brauchli spoke with firmness but little emotion. Everyone says that he’ll have plenty of occasions to deliver his inspirational, pump-up-the-newsroom address. When he does that, he may want to ditch the written script that he fumbled with in his opener today.

I combed my way through Brauchli’s speech in search of the most inspirational stuff. Please help me come up with a winner.

Which is Brauchli’s most inspirational moment?

  1. “For me the Post has always been a beacon of what is right in American journalism.”
  2. “Change is bearing down upon all of us equally, and we will all be called upon to navigate this critical passage.”
  3. “With the many brilliant journalists in this room, over the water at Washingtonpost.com, and around the world—-whether in Bethesda or Baghdad—-and with the commitment of the Grahams, I am confident we will meet every challenge and thrive.
  4. “For me personally the biggest challenge will be being measured, even in the smallest increments, by the soaring standards set by you and the leadership of Len and Ben Bradlee.”
  5. “I believe absolutely that first-rate journalism will have an audience, and where there is an audience, there is a future.”
  6. “I look forward to getting to know all of you.”
  7. “Thank you very much.”

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