* Via the New York Times: The Senate OK’s wiretapping, fears the wrath of City Paper Web Programmer Will Mitchell.

* All Our Noise proclaims Lil’ Wayne is America. Burn on Lil’ Wayne!

* Mr. T in D.C.: When trying to sell an old coffeemaker on Craigslist goes “Terribly, Terribly Wrong.” With damages up to $1! Hasn’t Mr. T been through enough?

* Prince of Petworth posts some “Odd Graffiti” of an alien figure uttering the word “Soma.” “What is ‘soma,'” asks the Prince. Prince of Petworth skipped 10th grade … and 2001.

* Via Wonkette: Befriend Larry Craig on the Internet, get heebie-jeebies.

* Free, cute, and totally fucking weird: Brightest Young Things directs you to adopt one of the Flaming Lips‘ 7 homeless puppies.

Photo by Marion Doss.