The Post reports on the funeral of Ronnie White, a Prince George’s County inmate who was killed in his jail cell after being charged in the murder of an officer. The Post’s previous story on that officer’s funeral made no mention of White’s death, actually, not even his name.

More crime cameras on the way, this time in Metro stations.

New Columbia Heights has an update on the Brizill/Imhoff mansion: it’s being repaired, maybe.

I’m hoping the street-ripping and car-tossing in Hellboy is a little more fun than it was in Hulk.

Megan McArdle has camped out at the Clarendon Apple Store. She says: “I imagine this is what it feels like to be a refugee—you sleep outside, and then smiling people in uniform hand you supplies whether you ask for them or not.”

Should we do something like this?