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You gotta wonder when this whole chef-as-rock-stars marketing tactic is going to end. Take Volt. Volt is a new high-end restaurant in Frederick. There are not so many of those in Frederick, so you’d think a rock star is not needed to sell the joint. But here is “highly accomplished, innovative, and talented 32-year old Chef Bryan Voltaggio” (from the Web site) with his first restaurant (he came up through Charlie Palmer, among others):

And here he is putting on his whites, preparing, it seems, to cook up hay and cowpies:

Had enough? Or do you want to see him mugging with his chicken friend?

I’m sure Chef Bryan is a talented individual and I think it’s just boffo he’s opening a place in his hometown. Downtown Frederick is a wonderful place to dine and this new place is in one of its most interesting buildings, the Houck Mansion. But please: more cooking, fewer glamour shots.