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*Yikes. “Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Director Linda Argo dismissed 18 of the city’s 34 residential inspectors, who are responsible for ensuring that rental properties are clean, safe and well-maintained,” according to the Washington Post.

*Just as President George Bush begins packing up his things, “W,” Director Oliver Stone’s Bush biopic, is hitting theaters. Will any of it be accurate? Politico attempts to answer that question. What they really should be inquiring about is whether anyone will actually see it.

*If you could make it past the New Yorker‘s cover, you might have discovered this Ryan Lizza piece on Obama’s past life in Chicago. The Washington Post published a similar story about that very topic earlier this week.

*The epidemic of anonymous sourcing must be stopped! Jack Shafer to the rescue!!! Shafer and Slate intern Kara Hadge instructed Google to e-mail them links to all news stories containing either “anonymous” or “anonymity” in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times.” Then, they judged the material. The resulting spreadsheet is extraordinary.

*Jews of the world rejoice! You can get a full body tattoo, and still rest in peace wherever you damn well please. The New York Times reports.