ANC Commissioner Robert L. Whiddon wrote in to the MPD-4D Listserv this morning to complain about the problem of “idle cops”:

Every so often I’ll run home, running along Park Place along the reservoir.

I’ve noticed a squad car, officer inside talking on a cell phone, idling at I think Park Place and maybe Monroe on several afternoons between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. …

With the recent murders in my SMD I’m even more concerned than usual about idle cops. There is much to do to help improve public safety in our community and chatting on a cell phone, in an idling squad car, far from the action, doesn’t seem like it’s very helpful.

Assistant Chief of Police Diane Groomes‘ response:

Sir – I would like to advise you that the car on Park Pl is the PHOTO RADAR car that is stationary and used to enforce the speeding issue on Park Pl – usually they are on Park Pl two times a week and are not on routine patrol..