* Good morning! Slate‘s got all your military sleep-reduction news.

* The Brightest Young Things discuss when rompers go wrong.

* Mr. T in D.C. sets some rules for TV watching at the gym. In: CNN and 80’s music videos. Out: Entertainment Tonight and Fox News. This writer humbly submits the perfect gym entertainment: Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab.

* The Post has a great profile of the man accused of stealing a rare Shakespeare first folio from the University of Durham:

Scott, a tall, thin man, has never really had a job, but he said his mother (whom he referred to at one point as “Lady Bountiful”) bankrolls his trips—-and his gold Versace ring, his diamond Rolex and a succession of exquisite cars: a Rolls-Royce, an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini, a silver Ferrari.

Speaking in a hotel with a plate of langoustines in front of him—-lobsters couldn’t be found—-Scott said he remembered the moment he realized how much better the best was. He was 18, and he had slipped his feet into handmade Italian leather shoes.

* Tonight’s picker-uper: Lenny Campello of Daily Campello Art News will give a talk tonight at 5:30 p.m. at Smith Farm’s Healing Arts Gallery on Frida Kahlo and pain.

Photo by Mr. T in D.C.