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Is it me? We’re you shocked over the Food & Friends honcho’s salary revealed in today’s Post? Executive Director Craig M. Shniderman makes $357,447.


Schniderman makes more than most if not all agency heads in the city. And he runs a non-profit. That simply feeds people.

The rule of thumb on judging non-profits is how much money the non-profit devotes to their core mission vs. how much money they spend on administrative costs and salaries. Food & Friends budget obviously feels a bit off.

Schniderman’s defense to the paper of record: His salary increased just 4 percent this year. So let me get this straight. He’s been making this huge salary for a couple years now. That’s not much of a defense.

From the Post:

Last year, Shniderman received a salary of $270,290, as well as $31,318 in various insurances and a pension plan and $55,839 in deferred compensation.

He goes on to tell the Post that he has no plans to take a pay cut. Of course, the non-profit announced it will be scaling back its operations due to rising costs and slacking donations.