Dick Heller tries and fails to register a gun in D.C., then announces his candidacy for Eleanor Holmes Norton’s seat.

The trailer for Watchmen is out. Can the director of 300 do the graphic novel justice? Brightest Young Things is excited about another 2009 release, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, some stop-motion animation for a story by Roald Dahl. Meanwhile, this will brighten up the weekend.

Why do we all have cougars on the brain?

D.C. security types continue their unflagging vigilance in protecting us from terrorists and amatuer photagraphers.

This is old, but just good:Yesterday’s reliable source had the following quote from Bo Blair of the Rookery and Smith Point, on the subject of the kind of guests he expected at a recent fundraiser for Jack Evans: “We have given out over 150 free tickets to some high quality women. Please come have some drinks, food, and support Jack.” What he meant, he told RS, was “friends of ours that are well-educated, attractive, intelligent, social and sweet.”