The Washington Post has a nice story today by Paul Schwartzman about the dangers of riding on top of the double-decker buses operated by Open Top Sightseeing—-low-hanging tree branches, power lines, etc.

I liked the story even better, though, when I watched it on the WUSA-TV 11 p.m. newscast last Monday:

Good job, Channel 9! All of this attention, of course, has been prompted by the tragic deaths of Joshua Stoll and Michael Feiock last Friday en route to a Nats game.

Schwartzman, to his credit, added some more factual meat to the story, including the fact that Open Top itself has trimmed tree branches to prevent injuries. Still, the Post is notoriously stingy about acknowledging other press outlets’ coverage, and that’s especially true when it comes to TV and radio newscasts.