The Washington Post has got a photo gallery of the early skirmishes at Redskins training camp. The Skins are out there on the field early, and in the worst of the summer heat. Many other NFL teams open up practice later this week, amid a cooling trend.

Chapter 7 in the Chandra Levy series also hit the streets Sunday, and I am starting to withhold less and less judgment. I mean, whatever new stuff is in this episodic disaster is marginal. So marginal, in fact, that when I come across things that I think may be new, I check my memory in search of what I knew before the series. Most of the time, I can’t quite remember, but I do know this: The series has yet to tell me anything way above and beyond what I knew before, or at least enough to justify throwing multiple reporters on the thing for a whole year. I mean, the Post is verily boasting of sinking that much time into the thing. I’d think they may be embarrassed to admit as much.

Examiner profiles first gun registrant, saying that Amy McVey didn’t seem like the “typical” owner of a firearm. And the paper’s conservative editorial page slams Pelosi.

So what else is going on, aside from the heat?

Well, there’s former Washington City Paper Editor David Carr‘s book, The Night of the Gun,” excerpted in the New York Times mag. Carr is a close friend, by way of disclosure, and I helped a bit with the book, so attach whatever weight you choose to my opinion that the book is a compelling page-turner.