Get both of thee to a cage!!!!

Just a few days ago Reporter Jason enraged Special Executive of Everything Vinny and his enemies at Redskins Park by writing another puffy feature (this one on Shawn Springs). Surely Vinny was wounded when he read Jason’s soon-to-be- trademarked slam — “Cerrato declined to comment for this story.”©™®

Then SpecEx Vinny comes right back guns a-blazin’, by actually commenting to Jason’s colleague Les Carpenter for a puffy feature on Jim Zorn.

That’s ouchie wouchie!

Now comes a brutal blast from Blogger Jason in the form of a post on Redskins Insider that starts out with Jason coming really close to calling SpecEx Vinny a liar.

Then Jason uses the rest of the post to just call Vinny a liar again and again and again and again.

That’s how I read it, anyway.

Fab stuff. Just fab.

You just gonna take that, Vinny?