My sister has informed me late last night that “writing about Spike” is lame and “old news.” Hey, sis. I know. So moving right along:

In Shaw writes about “feeling safe.” They write: “The shotspotter coupled with the camera don’t make me feel any safer. They are good to have and deal with certain trouble spots in the neighborhood. I’ve told folks before that I’m more worried and more likely to get hit with a car (SUV probably) than shot.”

Bloomingdale invites all readers to help create a LeDroit Park & Bloomingdale heritage trail. Readers are asked to submit photos, memories, etc., and bring them and good vibes to a meeting at St. George’s Episcopal Church, located at 160 U Street NW, this Wednesday. Congrats. A trail is a big step in increasing your community’s visibility. Maybe one day we will think of your neighborhoods with more respect!

Penn Quarter Living leads off with a very misleading headline: “Platinum Opens Again On Saturdays.” Wow. Big news if it were true. PQL goes on to report that it’s actually not the famous club but a 18-and-under space called “Club Bounce” which hosts events on Saturdays from 7 p.m. until midnight. Nice that downtown has a space for kids other than the chain stores! One comment: “I have observed the crowd: relatively orderly, nice kids. No noise issues, and since its over at midnight — no real fuss.” (Note: Club Bounce is not this Club Bounce).

Congress Heights on the Rise looks back for an appreciation of the old Congress Heights High School building: “I LOVE this building! Everytime I pass by it or go to the Ward 8 Farmer’s Market which is held on it’s grounds I find myself wishing that someone would restore it ASAP to it’s former glory.” I should have included this in the neighborhoods issue.

The District Domestic‘s tip of the day: Dry Your Herbs.

D.C. Foodies pens an ode to peanut butter: “There are a million childhood memories, songs and lunchtime favorites I could site in my introduction to making peanut butter, but I’ll skip the trip down memory lane and just say this – you should be making your own peanut butter.”

The Vinyl District spotlights Robert Wyatt.

Your morning wake-up song: “Three Women” by Stereolab. We wrote about this new song and the band’s upcoming LP yesterday.

*photo courtesy of Prince of Petworth.