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1. Starbucks Not Completely Pulling Out of D.C. by Jason Cherkis

2. Cute Overload in Arlington by Mark Athitakis

3. Wanna Load Your D.C. Handgun? Better Be a “Reasonably Perceived Threat of Immediate Harm” by Mike DeBonis

4. Which WaPo Writers Are Pulling in $230K? by Erik Wemple

5. Bolt Bus Is Bunk! by Angela Valdez

6. Making a Killing Feeding The Poor by Jason Cherkis

7. Criminals Beware: ShotSpotter Technology Up and Running by Ruth Samuelson

8. Meat Vs. Hot Girls: The Eternal Struggle by Amanda Hess

9. Where the Grass Is Never Greener by Ruth Samuelson

10. Cyclists: How to Be a Sensible Scofflaw by Mike DeBonis

Photo by D.F. Shapinsky