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*Question trend stories, which thrive “thanks to the journalists who never let the facts get in the way when they think they’ve discovered some new social tendency,” says Jack Shafer of Slate.com.

*The Washington Post‘s Courtland Milloy solicits “A Street Corner Analysis of D.C. Crime.” How to stop the killings? Punish the young’uns more. Sentence killers to the death penalty more frequently. Or “Let’s Face It: No One Has a Clue How To Fix Trinidad.”

*Get your fix: The Washington Post writes about “transcendent coffee moments.”

*Washingtonian has news on “Restaurant Week” participants. “On the list this summer are Hook, Poste, Charlie Palmer Steak, Equinox, Farrah Olivia, PS7’s, the Oval Room, the Prime Rib, and Vermilion.”

*And now for some summer news: Is sunscreen not to be trusted? Everyone stay inside until we figure this one out!!! The New York Times gets to the bottom of the story.